Ashwood Lane

Why can't others find this place

Why is it that no one was able to find this place? It looks like someone (or something) still comes here. The road has become more of a trail, and it looks like it’s been a while since someone has done some maintenance on it. The trail doesn’t connect to the road, and the canapy is completely covered.

The house is in ruin. The majority of burned down years ago, but there was the covered basement, still intact, and still used. Clothes were thrown about, and a single bed, but what was even more unsettling was the cage. It wasn’t anything like a dog kennel, but an actual cage with bits of rotten flesh inside.

The stairs leading to the second floor were still there, and one of the rooms was still intact. Rori didn’t find anything when she went up there, but while wondering the ground floor she did find something.

This place gives off a strange feeling, something you shouldn’t be seeing. Yet here you are? I wonder what the cops will think?



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