The Meeting

Sam and UVM

Thoughts and memories flood Rori and José. Was it all real, or was it in the minds? If it wasn’t real how can three people share the same hallucination. Someone or something, must be behind it all.

When evening fell, the group gathered and was introduced to Michael. Their new security/body guard. Lisa felt the need to hire someone for the group, and guard against their fears, even if they aren’t real.

Diago joins the group after a bout with the flu, and is just his old self. He’s skeptical on what happened to Rori and José, but with their conviction he may believe them.

During the meeting Rori shared the information she gathered over the break. She spoke about the house they had gone to, and where it was. The house was on a road called Ashwood Lane; however, it’s not something you could normally find. She also spoke about a strange story about the road. A tale about a demon that would lure children to a mysterious house on a road that couldn’t be found.

After the meeting Lisa left in a hurry and ran into Sam. The two started arguing so loud that the group was able to hear them in the next room. Something to do with UVM, or some other nonsense.

Sam explains, that zhe was trying to get Lisa’s help about a situation that is happening over there. There’s been strange behavior from a group of people and sighting across the campus. Zhe’s worried about a good friend of zer’s, and tried to explain the situation but Lisa wouldn’t have it.

Will the group help zher?



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