Tire Iron

A tire iron found at the abandoned house.

weapon (melee)

The tire iron makes a fine weapon (three bashing damage, Size 2, ignore one point of penalty when targeting the head and no penalty for im-provised weaponry), but it still holds a remnant of its first owner’s independence. A character may activate this while working on a vehicle to cut the interval between repair rolls (or the time necessary for a single roll) in half.


Rori Carmichael found the tire iron, and ever since she touched it, it hasn’t left her side.

This rusted-over tire iron belonged to an independent
and daring young woman. She always denied that she needed any man to take care of her, and she lived her short life accordingly. As she changed her tire with this iron under a stormcloud-dark night sky, a car swerved from the road to strike her. Forensic investigation later determined that she had probably survived the impact, only to die when the murderer struck her with the symbol of her own independence she had just been using.

The tire iron has since been used by many dozens of people, changing hands often.

Tire Iron

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